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30kV 3600pF High Voltage Ceramic Doorknob Capacitor
Product Name:30kV 3600pF High Voltage Ceramic Doorknob Capacitor
Series:MXCT8G-362M303 DHSF44F362ZT2B DHSF44F362ZTXB
Operating Temperature Range°C:-30~85°C
Working Voltage Range:30KVDC
Capacitance Range:3600pF
Load life:10 years
Cap Ceramic Single 0.0036uF 30000V Z5V -20% to 80% Disc 85°C High Voltage Capacitor 3600pF@30kV made from Ceramic dielectric in Doorknob shape with epoxy resin encapsulated,

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Capacitance 3600pF / 0.0036uF
Tolerance -20% to +80% / ±10% / ±20%
Voltage - Rated 30000V (30kV)
Temperature Coefficient Z5V / N4700(T3M)
Operating Temperature -30°C ~ 85°C
Features High Voltage, Low Dissipation Factor
Test Voltage 36000V (36kV)
Applications General Purpose
Temperature Characteristics ±28% At -30°C ~ +85°C (Better Temp.Character is available)

Mounting Type

Requires Holder
Package / Case Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
Size / Dimension 1.890" Dia x 1.024" L (60.00mm x 30.00mm)

What is HUASING special high voltage capacitors?
High value, low leakage and small size are difficult parameters to obtain in capacitors for high voltage systems. HUASING special high voltage MLC capacitors meet these performance characteristics and are designed for applications such as snubbers in high frequency power converters, resonators in SMPS, and high voltage coupling/DC blocking.

Murata DHSF44F362ZTXB DHSF44F362ZT2B CER 3600PF 30KV Z5U Z5V High Voltage Class 2 Ceramic DC Doorknob Capacitors