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1UF 2500VDC High Temperature Film Capacitor
Product Name:1UF 2500VDC High Temperature Film Capacitor
Operating Temperature Range°C:-65~+175°C
Working Voltage Range:2500Vdc
Capacitance Range:1UF
Load life:20000Hours

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1uF 2500Vdc High Temperature Film Capacitor

• Voltage Ratings to 5KVdc and 1KVac

• Capacitance Values to 3.0uF
• High Reliability
• Temperature range of -65°C to 175°C

• Exceptional Thermal Stability

• Axial Leads
• Wrap & Fill Package

• Corona Resistant

This kinds capacitors is an excellent choice for high temperature applications requiring rock solid reliability at an affordable price.

Applications include:

• Oil & Gas Exploration
• Detonation Devices
• Motor Start Ups
• Filters & Multipliers
• Jet Ignition