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50uF 600VDC DC-Link/DC Filter Capacitor
Product Name:50uF 600VDC DC-Link/DC Filter Capacitor
Operating Temperature Range°C:-40~+85°C
Working Voltage Range:600V DC
Capacitance Range:50uF
Load life:100,000Hours

Non-inductive winding with metallized polypropylene film,special meatl spray, aluminum shell encapsulation, flame retardant epoxy potting, cylinder aluminum shell, flame retardant epoxy potting, copper bolts or copper nuts terminal.small size, large capacitance, good over-current capability, low temperature rise, low stray inductance, long lifetime, simple and convenient installation. Instead of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, which are widely used in wind power, photovoltaic solar energy, SVG, inverter and other medium and large inverter for dc-link in the system.