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50kV3000pF High Voltage Ceramic Doorknob Capacitor
Product Name:50kV3000pF High Voltage Ceramic Doorknob Capacitor
Operating Temperature Range°C:-30~85°C
Working Voltage Range:50KVDC
Capacitance Range:3000pF
Load life:10 years
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High Voltage Capacitor 3000pF@50kV made from Ceramic dielectric in Doorknob shape with epoxy resin encapsulated.

     Rated Voltage    

 50kV dc   



Capacitance Tolerance 



 < 25nH 

 Insulation Resistance

 10000Mohm min. 

Dissipation Factor

 Tgδ < 0.004

              Temperature Characteristics          

 +22% ~ -33%
 -30°C ~ +85°C (Better Temp.Character is available)


 Dia 74mm x 28mm (other size can be custom made)


 M5 x dia 10

Feature & Application:

 Application Equipment Functions of Capacitors Feature
Electric Power Circuit Breaker Improving voltage sharing between electrodes
Suppress restart voltage
high withstand voltage
good frequency characteristics
Load Closer Voltage sharing  for voltage output circuit Good temperature characteristics
Distribution Line Transmission Communication Good temperature characteristics
Electroscope Small, high withstand voltage
Lightning Protector Improve voltage sharing Small, high withstand voltage
Pulse Circuit
Gas Laser High speed charge and discharge of energy Small, high withstand voltage, low inductance, good frequency characteristics
High Voltage Nanosecond Pulse Forming Circuit Combined with an inductor to form a pulse Small, high withstand voltage, good temperature characteristics, good frequency characteristics
HVPS  High Voltage Power Supplies Smooth energy charging and discharging Small, high withstand voltage


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Ceramic capacitors and devices are our main products. In order to meet the urgent demand for ultra-high voltage ceramic capacitors in the defense industry and high-end civilian market, our company has developed and produced bolt-type ultra-high voltage capacitors. Its performance is superior and its quality is reliable. The technical quality level is equal to TDK, AVX, Vishay and Murata. The product capacitance range is 10pF~20000pF, the working voltage is 30kV~150kV, and it can be customized according to the needs of customers. The main application areas are: laser weapons, plasma accelerators, high-speed rail, smart grid, medical equipment, industrial flaw detection, electrostatic dust removal and other industrial fields. At present, our company has supplied ultra-high voltage capacitors in batches for domestic aviation, aerospace, military and other military units and other high-end civilian customers.